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What is the «Café de Paris» ?

The Café de Paris is an informal space that allows staff members of PEI’s health network to acquire or maintain basic language skills in French. Adapted from an existing program in the NB health system, this personalized language training is available to all publicly funded health professionals. The training sessions are located in five Island health facilities: O’Leary Community Hospital, Maplewood Manor, Prince County Hospital, Beach Grove Home and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

To work towards the goal of increasing French-language services for Islanders, the program also extends its reach to include the provincial Public Service Commission. The language training is available in Charlottetown and Summerside for public servants wishing to maintain or improve their language skills in French to better serve their clients.

How to register :

To register, health professionals can sign up at the following locations, or contact Sonia Archambault at sonia.archambault@collegedelile.ca :

Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Space on level 1 by main staircase in Ambulatory Care.

Beach Grove Home: Family room

Prince County Hospital: Health resource center, main entrance

Maplewood Manor: Conference room

O’Leary Community Hospital: Classroom

Public servants looking to register for a training session should follow this link to process a request through GroupWise.

Schedule :

Schedule 2019-2020 Café de Paris

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