Linguistic Resources / Learning Reinforcement

Linguistic and learning resources are numerous! Finding the right tools and supports for you is not always easy. This section of the directory contains a number of options for you to try out. It includes documents, online tools and mobile applications that feature:

  • language courses
  • dictionaries
  • spelling and grammar checkers
  • linguistic and terminology data banks
  • radio, television and video sources.

Antidote: Multi-resource software, available in French and English, that includes a number of writing tools including a corrector, dictionaries and guides.

BonPatron: Online spelling and grammar checker for French

Café de Paris reference cards for health professionals: A series of quick reference phrases Available from your language tutor or through the Contact button.

Collège de l’île: Offers evening courses in conversational French. The program includes four beginner levels, four intermediate levels, advanced courses and upgrading.

Google Translate: Online translation tool

Le grand dictionnaire terminologique: Bank of terminology records from Québec’s Office de la langue française

Linguee: Mobile application and online bilingual dictionary

Canada School of Public Service: Some French-as-a-second-language training—A and B levels learning products for the federal public service employees are accessible on line.

Resources of the Language Portal of Canada: Access free tools to improve your knowledge of English and French. Polish your writing skills with our quizzes, participate in the Our Languages blog, and explore a selection of language-related Canadian links

TERMIUM Plus®: Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic databank. It also features writing tools, glossaries and the Language Portal of Canada.

YouTube Channels to Learn French: A number of YouTube channels offer French language learning videos A search of YouTube Channels to Learn French will offer a number of options. One channel worth checking is Learn French with Alexa.

A wide variety of mobile apps and language learning platforms are available online. For example, Babbel, Duolingo, Rocket Languages or Memrise have free or paid subscriptions. The learner has  a wide array of choices. 


Anatomical Models: A series of more than 30 images labelled with the French terminology (e.g., pancreas, sinus)

EurekaSanté by Vidal: Online databank of fact sheets on diseases and their treatment (in French only)

The Healthcare Providers’ Handbook (Health PEI): A series of quick reference phrases in French and English to support healthcare providers. Print copies also available from your language tutor or through the Contact button.

Interpretation Guide for Health Care Professionals: Tool to provide French equivalents for medical terms and phrases commonly used in various contexts. Available as a mobile application and in PDF format.

Medi-Lexico: Lexicon of French and English medical terminology. A series of four mobile applications: nursing, occupational therapy, dental, radiology.